Downtown Halifax

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The Argyle and Grafton shared streetscape project aims to advance the development of the urban core as a premier destination for residents, businesses, and tourists. It will strengthen the connections between major destinations through this flourishing entertainment district and it will reinforce the image of Halifax as a dynamic place to live, work and play.

2017 is the year of big – and small – events in Downtown Halifax. Eventful Year Downtown celebrates those great events by helping you enjoy them even more. Enter the Eventful Year Downtown contest for your chance to win some eventful prizes!

Downtown has an abundance of restaurant but choosing a place to dine can become complicated when you have a food allergy or dietary restriction. DHBC has created a quick reference guide to make the decision process less overwhelming.

With the combination of Latin cuisine, focus on fresh, local ingredients, and exceptional service, Verano is certainly a place you won’t want to miss trying.