Random Acts of Kindness Week

In 2021, Insight Optometry embarked on a year-long challenge to spread kindness at work, with their patients, and within the Downtown Halifax business community as a way to celebrate their 40th anniversary. They were inspired by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation’s “Make Kindness the Norm” campaign.

Inspired by Insight, we're continuing their call to be kinder and celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week from February 12 - 18, 2023 (with Friday, February 17 being Random Acts of Kindness Day). Join us by spreading some love and kindness to the Downtown Halifax businesses, and to each other. 



  • Dine-in, take-out or order delivery from a local restaurant or cafe
  • Choose to shop at local, small businesses 
  • Support your favourite businesses online by posting about them or sharing their post on your social media
  • Write a positive review on a review site to help them attract new customers
  • Tell family and friends about the small businesses you love
  • Sign-up for their newsletters
  • Buy a gift card to use later or to give as a gift
  • Surprise your favourite Downtown businesses with a special treat (e.g. coffee or flowers) from another local business
  • Give your favourite business a call or write them an email to see how they're doing. A little cheer from you means a lot to them right now!


Check out more of The Random Acts of Kindness Organization's ideas on how to be kind here.


There are so many ways to support local and be kind to our Downtown Halifax businesses. Let’s share the kindness this week with #RAKDTHFX.

For more information on the Random Acts of Kindness movement, visit randomactsofkindness.org.