Gritty To Pretty Placemaking Grant Program

Each spring, DHBC awards a limited number of Gritty to Pretty Placemaking Grants for placemaking projects located in Downtown Halifax. Gritty to Pretty includes two grants: Open Grant and Mural Grant. In 2022, two new grants have been launched: the Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) Open Grant and the BIPOC Mural Grant. The Facade Lighting Grant was also offered until 2020. These projects contribute to DHBC’s strategic placemaking goals. DHBC’s Placemaking Action Team, comprised of DHBC members, evaluate all capital project opportunities against specific criteria as outlined in the sections within the application forms.

To be considered for DHBC funding, a completed Gritty to Pretty Placemaking Grant application form must be submitted to DHBC. Applicants can provide additional documentation, with their submission, that describes and supports the project and funding request.

Gritty to Pretty Application Forms:

Forms will be available when the 2023 call for applications start. 

To view a list of the 2022 grant recipients, click here. See the completed 2022 placemaking projects below.

To view the Gritty to Pretty Projects from the past years, take our Self-Guided Art Tour