Self-Guided Downtown Art Tour

In 2015, DHBC launched a Gritty to Pretty placemaking program to award a limited number of grants for beautification projects located in Downtown Halifax.

Gritty to Pretty includes the following grants: Open Grant for any great beautification initiative, one for Façade Lighting, and one for Murals. These projects contribute to DHBC's beautification efforts to make Downtown Halifax more welcoming to locals and visitors alike. Learn more about the program here


Grab Your Camera and Explore

Grab your camera and explore the public art in Downtown Halifax. You're welcome to start your tour anywhere, but our tour starts at 1326 Barrington Street, weaves through the Downtown core, and finishes on the beautiful Halifax Waterfront.

Before you start, we recommend grabbing a coffee or cold drink from Rousseau Chocolatier, 5151 South Street; Trident Booksellers and Cafe, 1256 Hollis Street; Swee Tea House, 1237 Barrington Street, or any cafe or restaurant along the way. 

Once you have your drink, tie up your laces, and get ready for an hour(-ish) filled with art in Downtown Halifax!

Follow our map below to help you navigate the tour. Scroll a little bit further to see a description of the projects. 

(P.S. Don't forget to take a break! We've noted where to take rest stops in our map)


Downtown Halifax Art Tour Map

Pro tip: Click or tap the "enlarge" icon (the one with the four corners) in the upper right corner of the map to open on Google Maps. 

Start at 1326 Barrington Street, make your way up north to Spring Garden Road and turn left to Grafton Park!


#PlayMeHFX Xylophones, Grafton Park

Sound of Time, 1326 Barrington Street

Grafton Park Benches, Grafton Park (corner of Spring Garden Road and Grafton Street)

You can take a quick break at the Grafton Park benches before continuing the tour!


Magic Meadows, 1560 Grafton St.

Mural by blazentattoo, 1580 Grafton Street

Mural by Borrris, 1580 Grafton Street

Mural by Porter The Artist, 1580 Grafton Street

Mural by bosny, 1580 Grafton Street

Mural by Reno, 1580 Grafton Street

Mural by Corey Pane, 1580 Grafton Street

Mural by Anisa Francoeur, 1580 Grafton Street

Mural by DJ Andresen, 1580 Grafton Street

Mural by Margot Durling, 1580 Grafton Street

Mural by Ghettosocks, 1580 Grafton Street

Mural by PekingDon, 1580 Grafton Street

Living Space, 1580 Grafton Street

Mural by Nessy, 1580 Grafton Street

Mural by vereduanejones, 1580 Grafton Street

Mikisew, 1580 Grafton Street

Defeat, north side of 1600 Grafton St.

NSCAD Academy Wall, Market Street between Sackville and Prince St.

Stop by Grand Parade to take a quick pause at the Adirondack chairs or one of DHBC’s picnic tables.


Our Stories, Scotia Square (facing Barrington Street)

The Fun and Beauty of Performance, 1809 Barrington St.

Daisies in the Wind New Facade, 1717 Barrington Street

Connection, 1326 Barrington St.

Halifax In Colour

Welcome to Argyle Street, 1575 Argyle Street

Urban Character Mural, 1557 Barrington St.

Barrington Street Bus Shelter, Barrington Street & Spring Garden Rd.

Rising Tides Mural, Salter St.

Park and Art, Metro Park, 1556 Hollis St.

Warm Welcome, 1669 Granville St.

Make your way to the Province House courtyard for a quick water break at the picnic tables before heading into the last stretch of the tour!


Bee Kind Mural, 1660 Hollis St.

Rio Abajo Rio: The River Beneath the River, 1583 Hollis St.

Halifax Distillery Mural, 1496 Lower Water St.

Black Joy, 1919 Upper Water St.

Between the Sea and the Sky, Lower Water Street at George St.

The Sea in Her Blood, 1675 Lower Water Street

Sea Troll, I Heart Bikes, Halifax Waterfront

Tanisi, 1031 Marginal Rd.

Mural by Jordan Bennett, 1031 Marginal Rd.

More Public Art to Check Out Downtown

There are more art pieces to see Downtown outside of the Gritty to Pretty projects! Check them out below. 


Photo credits: Stoo Metz Photography

The Emigrant Statue, Halifax Seaport

Women War Volunteers, Halifax Seaport

Samuel Cunard Statue, Halifax Seaport

Sailors' Memorial, Sackville Landing, Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk

Bearly's Bar & Grill Mural, 1269 Barrington Street

The Black Market Mural, 1545 Grafton Street

The Whale, Rogers Square

Custom House Lions, Granville Mall

Origins, Ondaatje Courtyard, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Celtic Cross, George Street

Blowers Sreet Alley Mural, Blowers Street

Lower Water Street Mural

Façade Lighting

At night, the streets of Downtown is brighter thanks to the Gritty to Pretty Façade Lighting. Check out the façade lighting projects below. 

The Brewery Market Façade Lighting, 1496 Lower Water Street

Lighting Our Past, 1521 - 1531 Grafton St.

The Stubborn Goat Facade Lighting & Mural, 1579 Grafton St.

eSpace Building Facade Lighting, 1652 - 1656 Barrington St.

Cabot Building Facade Lighting, 1725 - 1727 Barrington St.

St. Paul's Facade Lighting, 1684 Barrington St.

Fountain Campus Accent Lighting, Granville Mall/5163 Duke St.

Ferry Boat Lane, Lower Water St.