Visitation Data

Downtown Halifax is attractive to visitors for many reasons. Aside from the city’s history alone, many come for the world-class attractions and events, Halifax’s Seaport, the Waterfront, and of course the unique and local restaurants and shops.

DHBC is dedicated to keeping our members, and stakeholders abreast of key vibrancy metrics for Downtown. With this in mind, DHBC collects visitation data in two forms;

PED Counters: This data is collected on an ongoing basis and is made available to members and the public. The counters are located at the following locations: South Barrington Street; North Barrington Street; Argyle Street; George Street; Lower Water Street South; Upper Water Street North.

Environics: DHBC started purchasing cell phone data from a company called Environics, and four times a year they provide the latest visitation data that tracks total "visits" on a weekly basis and matches it to our BID boundary

November 1, 2023
2023 Q2 (July, August, September)
Key Highlights:

  • July was down 4% vs last year.
  • August was up 5%
  • September was up 13%

Overall, it looks like a 5% increase in Q2 in 2023 over last year – so, GOOD NEWS! We topped 4M visitors in that time.

August 11, 2023
2023 Q1 (April, May and June)
Key Highlights:

  • There was a total reduction of 5.42% in total visitation April-June 2023 vs the same period in 2022.
  • Broken down by month, we had a 9% increase in April, followed by a 13% decrease in May and an 8% decrease in June.  

Commentary/analysis - June is not a surprise, given the weather and the impact of the wildfires (which resulted in significant cancelled tourism) but May is a bit of a mystery since we had several big events happening Downtown that month, including ECMA.

data showing visitation data

Sales Data

DHBC receives sales data from Dalhousie Transportation Collaboratory (DalTRAC) each year. 

According to their latest data (2022), total ground floor sales for Downtown Halifax increased by 0.2% from the previous year. This growth outperformed HRM-wide ground floor sales by 3.4%. The highest areas of growth were in the food and drink (3.1%) and accommodation sectors (0.5%).  

Total revenue for all Downtown Halifax businesses was $8.3M, representing 21.1% of all sales in HRM. 

sales data


State of the Downtown Report

In June 2023, DHBC released our first 'State of Downtown' report. This report now gives us a reference point each year when reporting this type of data. The goal always being to paint a clear, fact-based picture of Downtown Halifax, allowing us to chart a new vision, and ensuring that we remain Canada’s Favourite Downtown.

Click to view:

2023 State of the Downtown Report

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2023-2026 Strategic Plan

2022-2023 Annual Report