Pups on Patios - Material for Businesses

As of March 2021, the province of Nova Scotia allows pet dogs on patios. If you are a business in Downtown Halifax with an outdoor patio, you can allow dogs on your patio with the following conditions:

  • Business owners can decide whether to allow pet dogs or limit the number of dogs on their patio. 
  • Business owners can ask a customer to remove the pet dog if it's misbehaving.
  • Pet dogs are not allowed inside restaurants, bars and/or cafes, and are only allowed on patios that can be accessed from the street (*this does NOT apply to Service Dogs). 
  • Pet dogs cannot eat while at the restaurant but can drink water from separate bowls brought by the owner.
  • Restaurants with dog-friendly patios must post a sign so potential customers are aware that they allow dogs before they sit down.

For more information and guidance on the rules, please visit novascotia.ca or contact Gordon Stewart, the Executive Director of the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia here

DHBC has created Pups on Patios graphics and signage for businesses to use free of charge to promote their dog-friendly patio. You are welcome to download the material to use as needed, or contact Allana for printed versions of the poster, sticker, and window decal. 

Pups on Patios Graphics & Signage

We also have branded dog bowls. If you would like one for your business, let us know!

And remember to tag your photos with dogs on your patios with #PupsOnPatiosDT & #PupFriendlyDT so we can find and reshare them.