Meet Karan Gills, owner and CEO of veCharter

Meet Karan Gills, founder and CEO of veCharter

Karan moved from India to Halifax in 2016 to study computer science at Dalhousie University. He has always maintained an entrepreneurial spirit and loves problem solving. He put those skills to practice throughout his undergraduate by starting an AI health assistant tech business which he sold before graduating. He went on to work as a research engineer before starting veCharter in 2022, and is simultaneously working to obtain his private pilot licence.

veCharter is a ride-sharing company that offers province-wide services with competitive rates and pick up times, including carpooling for trips over 20 km. Thanks to their recent partnership with Nissan and Toyota, the entire veCharter fleet (about 60 cars) will be made up of electric vehicles within the next month, with charging stations being implemented in Halifax and Truro. Additionally, to help minimize carbon emissions, they are only operating vehicles as necessary, based on demand at any given point-in-time.

You can download the veCharter app (for Apple and Android) and get $10 off your first ride. You can also sign up to become a driver via the app and earn an hourly wage plus a per/km rate. Currently working out of Downtown Halifax, Truro will soon become their second pick up location and Karan plans to eventually expand to Cape Breton, New Brunswick, and Ontario. Once he receives his pilot licence, he may even add private flights to his list of services. Follow the veCharter journey via Instagram or get in touch with Karan at