Indigenous Ingenuity at Discovery Centre

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Pjilaʼsi, welcome.

You’re invited to explore Discovery Centre’s newest featured exhibit. Indigenous peoples from North America have long demonstrated a great sense of ingenuity, using nature as inspiration. The world we know today is influenced by their innovations and scientific knowledge. The exhibition invites visitors to experience the innovative processes that give rise to Indigenous knowledge by observing, listening, experimenting, and sharing.


  • Explore First Peoples’ scientific principles by testing the centre of gravity in a kayak and during a virtual canoe race.
  • Experience the wealth of indigenous ingenuity by building an igloo and harpooning for fish
  • Discover the Indigenous peoples’ rich scientific knowledge, inspired by nature and the resources of the land.

Indigenous Ingenuity: An Interactive Adventure is open Wednesday to Sunday, 9am-4pm. Closing September 3rd.