Tidehouse Brewing Company

Tidehouse Brewing Company is located at 2-5187 Salter Street, just minutes away from the beautiful Halifax Waterfront. 

Tidehouse Stands Out

As a small company, Tidehouse has been able to develop more personal relationships with the people that visit them at their location on Salter Street. The team at Tidehouse Brewery hopes the passion they have for their products, and their wish to connect with their customers stand out most when people enter their establishment.


Tidehouse has been inspired by a number of factors over the years. Something as simple as using a certain ingredient, like a hop variety or a type of malt, to create beers with a particular flavour could influence a new product. One thing that Tidehouse prides itself on is taking beer styles and adding their own twist to create something unique.

Passion for Brewing

It was their desire to follow their passion for brewing that led Tidehouse to open their own small brewery back in 2016 but it was a dream of theirs as far back as 2013. The desire to follow their brewing passion enabled them to build something that was their own. They kept at it until circumstances came together for Tidehouse to be born. 

Small but Flexible

As a small brewery with a lot of fermenters, Tidehouse can be flexible with their brewing, allowing them the opportunity to experiment with seasonal and “one-off” beers. Even the people who have an idea of the scale of Tidehouse are still impressed by what they are doing with the space they have.

Happy To Be Downtown

What Tidehouse enjoys most about Downtown Halifax is the variety of small businesses that make it such a vibrant place to spend time. They especially appreciate being close to the boardwalk and the harbour.