Downtown Halifax Event Sponsorship Program


Downtown Halifax Business Commission (DHBC) offers a limited number of sponsorships for events and activations that bring residents, workers, and visitors together to participate in exciting and/or unique experiences that contribute to the vibrancy and prosperity of the Downtown Halifax area.

Sponsorship amounts range from $250.00 up to (but not exceeding) $5,000.00 (including HST if applicable). Sponsorship applicants are welcome to apply for any amount between that range at any time throughout the year

DHBC also supports organizations with in-kind sponsorship. In-kind sponsorship could include all or any of the following: an event listing on, promotion through DHBC's social media channels, inclusion in both the Bi-weekly Update to members and the public-facing events e-newsletter, use of DHBC's storefront space, and advocacy, facilitiation and/or guidance from DHBC staff. Additional opportunites may exist based on the proposal and potential partnership opportunities.

DHBC does not sponsor activations, initiatives, or events that take place outside of the Downtown Halifax area. DHBC also does not sponsor political or religious events or rallies, professional conventions or conferences, or charitable/fundraising efforts or events. 

For more information on DHBC's Event Sponsorship program, download the Sponsorship Assessment Guidelines

Download the application here


Previously sponsored events:

For more information regarding DHBC's Event Sponsorship program, contact Allana MacDonald Mills, Director of Marketing, at