When clients first walk into Skin Decision Inc., they are immediately impressed by its beautiful studio space. With filigree wallpaper and sparkling crystal wall sconces, a high-end spa atmosphere is set. The large cases of beautiful jewelry quickly draw the attention of clients, having a broad selection of implant-quality body jewelry from different areas of North America.

Julie Taylor opened Skin Decision Inc. in Truro, NS, with her husband, DJ, in 2006, making a commitment to providing clientele with the best body art experience possible. In December of 2017, Skin Decision Inc. added a second studio in Halifax’s well-loved Brewery Market building. Julie became the third Canadian to meet the standards of the international Association of Professional Piercers (APP) in 2010 and is established as a leader in the body art industry. From instructing at the APP’s annual conference in Las Vegas and to working with legislators, to giving talks at local libraries and universities, Julie can often be found promoting safe piercing and tattooing.

In addition to Julie, Skin Decision Inc.’s head piercers, Claire Savard (Halifax), and Olivia Theriault (Truro), are the only members of the APP in Eastern Canada. Their expertise as well as their beautifully stocked showcases has led them to have a wide clientele from around the Maritimes. Skin Decision’s piercing staff is rounded out by apprentices Brandon Werenka (Halifax) and Allison Gibson (Truro).


Skin Decision Inc.’s piercing team have carefully curated an incredible collection of high-end body jewelry. Each piece is custom produced in Canada or the US and is guaranteed for life. All materials used are safe and biocompatible, including titanium, niobium and solid gold. People who cannot wear other jewelry can wear these beautiful pieces! Brands carried include Anatometal, Industrial Strength, Neometal, Other Couture, Alchemy Adornment and Body Vision Los Angeles.

Claire Savard is Skin Decision Inc.’s microblading artist. Claire is highly skilled at enhancing and creating fuller eyebrows. Claire recommends clients consider that microblading is a semi-permanent form of modification, and that it may take a few sessions to achieve the desired color and shape of your brows. In addition, microblading lasts about 1-2 years before requiring a touch-up.


The staff of Skin Decision Inc. love being in Downtown Halifax for so many reasons, but the sheer diversity of the clientele is at the top of their list! Skin Decision Inc. is best known for cute curated ears on fashionistas, but piercing appeals to so many walks of life. An average day may include putting sparkly pink gems on the earlobes of a child, some gorgeous opals on a university student’s navel, a spike on a local musician, a diamond on the nose of a professional, or a gold nautical design on tourist!