Saved Destinations

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Why Save Destinations?

Sometimes Downtown Halifax can be overwhelmingly awesome, there are just so many interesting things to do and see here! Here’s a solution to help you plan your perfect journey to this vibrant port city! Saving destinations is a great way to plan your evening, day-trip or vacation in Downtown Halifax. If you’re cruising through our site and something catches your eye, click the X and never miss a Downtown Halifax beat.

How to Save A Destination

X marks the spot! You can save destinations throughout the site by clicking on the DHBC X icon displayed above. Just like your favourite bookmark, these Xs will allow you to save any event, business or campaign and come back to it later. Once you start saving destinations, come back to this page and see your Downtown Halifax adventure take shape! To keep your collection of downtown destinations under lock and key so that you can save them for as long as you please, create a DHBC Account.

How to Remove A Saved Destination

If you’re ever looking to clean up your Saved Destinations repertoire, you can remove Saved Destinations by hovering over the X icon for any destination you’ve saved and clicking Remove Destination.