Rapid COVID-19 Testing


Regular testing is the key to keeping numbers low. 

Rapid COVID-19 Testing is taking place daily at the Halifax Convention Centre. Follow @hfx_Lauren on IG & Twitter for times. 

(Enter the Halifax Convention Centre through the Argyle Street doors). 



Who can go to rapid COVID testing events?

Anyone can get a rapid COVID test at these events if they are asymptomatic, have not been to a listed exposure site, and have not been in close contact with a person that tested positive for COVID-19. People that are doing activities that may have their mask off (dining at restaurants, working out at the gym, visiting friends and family, etc.) should get a rapid COVID test to be sure they are negative to protect others around them.

Why should you get tested if you don’t feel sick?

Get tested to be sure you are negative! Asymptomatic means that you don’t feel sick and you don’t have COVID symptoms but you may still be infected with the virus. People who are asymptomatic and infected can still spread the virus to other people. Most people infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 will show symptoms in about 5 days, but the time between infection and before people feel symptoms can range from 1-14 days and some people never develop any symptoms. Up to 50% of people who have COVID-19 don’t have symptoms and can still spread to other people without knowing.

Why should I get tested?

  1. Cases can go up very quickly and we need to know early if there are cases here.
  2. We love socializing – it’s normal! However, mask off times with others is when spread is most likely so testing right before helps prevent spread before you know it.

How often should you get a rapid COVID test?

You can pop-in for a rapid test as frequently as you would like – for some people that may be once a month, for others it may be every week or more! It is important for people with lots of contacts, at work or in social circles, to get tested more often. People should pop-in for a rapid test if they will be in a mask-off setting (dining at restaurants, working out at the gym, visiting friends and family, etc). Even if you are just headed home from the office or work after a busy week or before you start your week, it’s smart to get tested. Testing isn’t just for times when COVID cases are high in our community! Testing helps KEEP COVID LOW by letting people know early when they are early in infection and otherwise wouldn’t know they have been exposed. It’s a great tool along with distancing, masking and handwashing! Keeping cases low keeps restrictions low and all of us safely enjoy the perks that come with living in a place with low COVID cases!

Where can you find a pop-up testing event?

The events are advertised through social media, Department of Health and Wellness, and Nova Scotia Health. Check out upcoming events here.

How can I volunteer at these pop-up testing events?

Volunteer opportunities include screening, registration, doing the nose swab, doing the rapid COVID test (kind of like a pregnancy test), notifying of results via text message, door greeter, and more. We encourage people to sign up and we will be in touch to schedule a four-hour volunteer experience. Fill out the form to sign-up to volunteer here.

Are there take-home test kits available?

Yes, take-home test kits are available at the Halifax Convention Centre. 

The goal of pop-up testing is to make socializing safer and normalize testing – COVID precautions are part of our lives and we are lucky rapid tests let us easily know our status to protect friends and family. 

Link to DHBC's COVID-19 information page here