Pure Water: Filtering through Nova Scotians Plastic

Pure Water Nova Scotia was started by a few environmentally focused Haligonians back in 2014. After installing a bottle-less water cooler in the office, it allowed them to see the potential in modern filtration, cooling, and boiling technology. This idea started pouring out when they began speaking to colleagues, friends, and family members after hearing about the persistent use of bottled water in Nova Scotia. They soon set out to give Nova Scotians the best quality drinking water, in an environmentally-friendly package.

Passionate about solving environmental issues, one of their main concerns stemmed from bottle-less water coolers not dispensing great-tasting water. The team decided in order to get Nova Scotians on board with its product, they would have to introduce them to an advanced five-stage purification system. This would help to improve the quality of the water by re-mineralizing it with magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium - and in doing so, balance the pH of the water.

A Refreshing Begining:

After interviewing clients, they saw a huge added benefit in eliminating the need to move, store, and lift heavy water jugs and deal with weekly deliveries (or running out of water). Along with its most important component of great tasting watering, Pure Water has said its number one compliment is the fact that they help businesses rid themselves of heavy 50lb water jugs.

Pure Water has been keeping up its unique appeal by offering an environmentally friendly, practical service that helps save clients money every month with its most unique feature in advanced purification systems that are used to produce high-quality, re-mineralized water. This sets its systems apart from other water filtration systems that are on the market today.

The Downtown Halifax Community:

Pure Water Nova Scotia is co-located with a parent company Aqua-Check Inc., which is where the founders installed its first bottle-less water cooler. Operating out of a few different locations in Halifax and Dartmouth since 2001, the love of its current central location has set a positive tone within its internal staff,

“we love our current central location with its proximity to Halifax Transit, other great businesses, superb restaurants and cafés, and an incredible waterfront to take a walk down during lunch hour.”

Located at 1801 Hollis Street Pure Water’s view of the city is a sight to see. If asked about their favorite thing about Downtown Halifax it’s a no-brainer for Pure Water employees,

“The VIEW, we are located at 1801 Hollis Street and our office has panoramic views of Halifax!”

Pure Water’s innovative design is putting a new and refreshing taste back into Downtown Halifax.