Downtown Halifax Pedestrian Counts

Click HERE to view the Eco-Counter pedestrian count site.

Since January 2014, Downtown Halifax Business Commission and Waterfront Development have been collecting pedestrian count information at eight locations, through 12 Eco-Counter electronic pedestrian devices.

The Eco-Counter pedestrian counters are placed in areas to capture more accurate foot traffic data 24 hours per day including during events, festivals, and specific seasons such as tourist and holidays. The counters work with sensors, not images, and are approximate counts.

The counters provide general information such as daily, weekly, and monthly counts as well as averages. This information is especially useful for those that are considering locating a new business in the downtown core or for existing businesses to predict seasonal foot traffic or foot traffic during major events.

How to Use the Eco-Counter Public Website

General Eco-Counter web page:

  1. Click here to link to the public website.
  2. Once you’re on the Eco-Counter site, the main web page shows all eight counters in Downtown Halifax and on the Halifax Waterfront  on the map.
  3. The three counters with the highest pedestrian counts appear across the top of the page.
  4. There are options for sharing at the top, right-hand corner through Facebook, Twitter, and email.
  5. The total for all eight counters since installation (November 1, 2013) appears to the right of the top three counters as, “Total Counts.”
  6. To the right of “Total Counts” is the “Daily Average” of all eight counters.
  7. On the map, five of the eight counter icons are numbered. The numbered icons are the counters with the highest current pedestrian counts since installation.

More detailed data for each counter:

To see more detailed data for each counter, click on any of the eight counter icons on the map on the general public web page. When you click on a specific counter, a pop-up window will appear on the right-hand side of the screen, which gives you the “Daily AVG” (daily average) and the “Total” from the date of installation for that particular counter.

Individual counter data:

For further detailed data for a specific counter, click on the “Public Web Page” link directly below the counter’s title within the pop-up window. This will open a new web page.

Individual counter web pages show daily averages at the top of the page as well as total count since installation. In the menu to the left, you will see for: time period, daily, weekly, monthly, and key numbers.

More detailed analysis or comparison reports:

If you require more detailed analyses or comparisons, please contact DHBC at or (902) 423-6658.