NovaScotian Crystal: a History of Tradition and Craftsmanship

History and Tradition:

Over 21 years ago, a group of Irish immigrants came together to form NovaScotian Crystal with a commitment to preserving an ancient and vanishing craft. Since then, crystal making and cutting has become a truly Canadian story of respect for tradition, beauty, and fine craftsmanship.

NovaScotian Crystal is Canada's only maker of mouth-blown, hand-cut crystal, and is one of the very few of its kind in the world. For more than 20 years, NovaScotian Crystal has exemplified high craft and Canadian excellence and today their pieces are recognized as icons of luxury around the world.

The Craftsmanship:

Every piece made at NovaScotian Crystal is unique – from the original design to the mouth-blown shape to the hand-cut pattern. The craftsmen at NovaScotian Crystal have created original, modern designs, many of them inspired by the geography, history, and lore of Nova Scotia. NovaScotian Crystal employs the traditional tools and techniques of European crystal makers that have been passed down from generation to generation in order to make their final products up to their standard.

The crystal material used to craft a piece has been seized from the earth’s rare elements, fired to 1,420 °C, and blown into life by masters of the craft. Cuts are then applied to the crystal by memory. In the process, similarity and synergy are important. From start to finish, each mouth-blown, hand-cut piece is created by a team of at least 12 craftsmen, and will be handled, finished, inspected, polished, and wrapped by another 10 people.

From beginning to end, a piece takes three to five days to complete. Some of NovaScotian Crystal’s most popular items include the Single Malt Scotch Glass, the Seafarer’s Rum Glass, the annual Christmas Ornament, and the Bordeaux Wine Glass.

The Downtown Halifax Community:

When asked about their favorite part of being in Downtown Halifax, “We love that we are in the center of all the action,” said Courtney Goldie, PR & Marketing Assistant at NovaScotian Crystal. “We are close to everything and are surrounded by many other great local businesses. Being close to locals and tourists has allowed us to open up two seasonal locations in addition to our main location.”

Make sure to swing by their Waterfront store at 5080 George Street and peek into the Glassworks to see the Craftsmen at work blowing and cutting the molten crystal. Stop by the showroom afterwards and browse through some of their breathtaking crystal products.