You'll Look Forward to this Soap In Your Mouth

August 19/16
You'll Look Forward to this Soap In Your Mouth

One part locally sourced ingredients, a heaping spoonful of passion, and a dash of cinematic humour, Soap In Your Mouth is the perfect recipe for your new favourite shop in Downtown Halifax.

Fresh, luscious scents and colourful, film-inspired chalk art welcomes you as you pass through the doors of the second floor, Blowers street location. Soap In Your Mouth has a fun atmosphere and an irreverent sense of humour. Bath bombs are neatly stacked along a wall titled “Balls to the Wall” and many product names reference films (Fifty Shades of Clay, Pretty In Pink), music (Going Back To Cali), or are just plain fun (Hide Yo Stank).


Passion built over a lifetime

Owner, Colleen Dingle came by her love of movies honestly. Colleen spent over 15 years working as a stunt performer before deciding to call “cut” on her work in film and rekindle an old passion. “I started to think way back as a young girl. I remembered making concoctions and forcing my friends to wash their hair with them or selling handmade rosewater door-to-door,” recalls Colleen.

With dozens of products in all sorts of amazing scents it can be hard to pick just one, but don’t even think about leaving without one of those bath bombs! Made fresh daily, these fizzy bombs are full of mineral salts and skin softening oils. Don’t know where to start? Enjoy a Lemondar, a cheery blend of lemongrass and relaxing lavender (also a personal favourite of Colleen’s).

Gourmet products handmade on-site

Products are made right on site, giving the space a unique feeling. “Not very often does one get to walk into a body product store where everything is made on site. We are a bakery for the body,” describes Colleen.

Care is taken with each one of these gourmet, handcrafted products. From tallow to honey and beeswax, a number of ingredients are sourced from local farms. One key ingredient in many of the products is tallow, an animal fat which metabolically closely matches human skin. Usually cast off in the farming process, Colleen worked with Oulton’s Farm to save their tallow and use it as a superior, nutrient soap base.

“We are truly passionate about what we do. The soaps and other products you see in our store are an end-result of hours of research and thought,” says Colleen.


Finding a home in Downtown Halifax

Soap In Your Mouth opened their doors in Downtown Halifax at 5239 Blowers Street in the summer of 2016, after selling handmade, gourmet bath-products successfully at the Alderney Landing Farmers Market. While the self-described “slang talking, beer drinking country girl” was originally unsure what to expect with the move Downtown, Colleen is energized by her new neighbourhood.

“I really feel this is fate that I am here and am grateful every day. My favourite part of Downtown Halifax has got to be the unique and creative locals who make Halifax what it is,” says Colleen.

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