Statement from BIDs Regarding Opening Borders

June 22/21
Statement from BIDs Regarding Opening Borders


June 22, 2021

Today’s provincial announcement included a major and last-minute change in the re-opening of our borders to New Brunswick. It also laid out the excessive restrictions that potential travellers from across Canada will face should they consider visiting Nova Scotia this summer. These restrictions put us wildly out of step with nearly every other province which, under comparable circumstances, have managed to make proper plans to welcome Canadians this summer. This incongruence is creating immediate divisions within the Atlantic region, while compounding the already dire and fast vanishing prospects for the summer tourism season in Nova Scotia. 

Specifically, the requirement to both isolate and be tested for single-dose, vaccinated Canadians on an indefinite basis does not align with provincial advice seen elsewhere in the country. No evidence or coherent explanation has been made to explain why the same border standards cannot be applied here.

We ask to have a fighting chance at a better summer than last. This will not happen, however, while we close ourselves off to Canada all the while knowing how to open safely and, indeed, watching every province around us activate their plans. Nova Scotia does not need to remain the most restricted province in Canada. It is a disservice to our businesses and to the people.

Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission
Downtown Halifax Business Commission
Downtown Truro Partnership
North End Business Association
Spring Garden Area Business Association
Spryfield Business Commission