Starfish Properties, Colourful Characters & Illuminating Designs

May 26/17
Starfish Properties, Colourful Characters & Illuminating Designs

Starfish Properties is pleased to announce one of their latest projects. Partnering with Downtown Halifax Business Commission (DHBC), the installation of LED façade lighting to both 1549 Barrington Street and 1652-1656 Barrington Street is now complete. Starfish Properties would like to thank DHBC for its contribution through their Gritty to Pretty grant program and is eager to add onto additional buildings with the DHBC’s Gritty to Pretty 2017 grant programs.

While complementing the architecture and yielding a unique warmth to Barrington Street, the new lighting technology is also much more cost-efficient. Despite the weather delays, Starfish Properties completed both projects for spring, creating more excitement as they cast their glow and add vibrancy to Downtown Halifax.

“Lighting is an important part of enhancing the pedestrian experience,” said Paul MacKinnon, Executive Director of DHBC. “It makes the street and the businesses feel more welcoming, vibrant, and engaging. We’re pleased that Starfish Properties has taken this kind of initiative with their flagship buildings.”

In addition to the façade lighting, Starfish Properties has added to the beauty of Downtown Halifax by installing a colourful character mural to 1559 Barrington Street located on the corner of Barrington and Blowers Streets. Working closely with artist Jason Skinner, Starfish has been able to honor the city's culture and incredible ability for producing top-notch arts and musical talent. The stylistic painting, created by Jason Skinner, has produced characters that are relatable, believable, and visually pleasing while encompassing the nondescript architectural features.

“I am very proud of the Blowers Street installation," said Jason Skinner. "It is humbling to have had the opportunity to create such a large work that is ultimately a reflection of myself. I am honoured to have my work prominently on display for everyone to enjoy. The support and enthusiasm from Starfish Property’s staff throughout the entire project was truly wonderful, and I hope they continue to encourage the creation of public art and community beautification.”

About Jason Skinner:
Jason is a Halifax based multi-disciplinary artist and award winning illustrator. His work has appeared in a variety of publications including THIS magazine, In My Bed, Applied Arts, and as part of a taped segment for YTV. Finding inspiration in humour, humility and positivity, Jason often gravitates towards projects that have a flare for upbeat public engagement. He has worked on interactive mural projects for such clients as Pier 21: Canadian Museum of Immigration, Colchester County and the Township of Truro, the Prismatic Arts Festival, Halifax Pride and the Halifax International Busker’s Festival. His project, Échapper, was selected for the inaugural RBC Emerging Artist Award at the Nocturne: Art at Night festival in 2016.