New Mural in Downtown Halifax Through Gritty to Pretty Placemaking Grant

September 21/21
New Mural in Downtown Halifax Through Gritty to Pretty Placemaking Grant

                              (photo credit: Sarah Cannon)

Downtown Halifax Business Commission (DHBC) is pleased to announce the completion of artist Sarah Cannon’s mural, “Magic Meadow,” located at 1560 Grafton Street, which is also home to Pizza Girls/KATCH Seafood restaurant. Cannon was one of three recipients of the spring 2021 Gritty to Pretty placemaking mural grants. Gritty to Pretty program includes three grant streams: Façade Lighting Grant, Open Grant, and Mural Grant.

"I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to share my work with the help of the Gritty to Pretty grant program," said Sarah Cannon, muralist. "It’s such a rewarding and special experience to connect with community members, who have struggled to engage with art in more traditional ways – such as, through galleries and museums. It’s specially rewarding when they share that my mural has sparked a new interest in them."

The “Magic Meadow” mural depicts a woman and her dog sitting in a patch of brightly coloured lupines as they watch butterflies dance overhead. The concept was inspired by the artist’s encounters with the natural wonders that are unique to Canada’s East Coast. “Magic Meadow” reflects the ongoing evolution Cannon’s body of work in which she develops various characters to examine how curiosity and exploration of nature contributes to cultivating positive mental health and well-being.

Gritty to Pretty placemaking grant program is currently in its sixth year. The program was developed to award grants for placemaking projects located in Downtown Halifax. These projects contribute to DHBC’s placemaking efforts to help Downtown Halifax encourage civic pride, support local economies, improve public health, and welcome locals and visitors alike.