The Little Oak That Could

November 01/16
The Little Oak That Could

With an extensive list of wines and spirits, a dynamic food menu and a spontaneous spunk, Little Oak is the perfect place to enjoy a meal accompanied with your choice of notable beverage.

A great beer selection, an ever-evolving wine list and an impressive back bar will catch your eyes when you enter this little bar located in Bishop’s Landing. Little Oak has a unique feel to it as they are flexible and spontaneous with their food and drink menus. This combined with their attention to detail will ensure a guest to have a memorable experience.

A Big-Little Move

After opening Agricola Street Brasserie, one of the largest restaurants in the North End, Southwest Properties approached the restaurant owners to join Bishop’s Landing and this is where Little Oak was born. Opening a restaurant much smaller than the Agricola Street Brasserie would be a new challenge. Owner, Rachel Knox says they welcomed the challenge of creating an exceptional experience to every guest in a small but well thought out environment.

“The small space gave us the opportunity to offer locals and travelers a place that has a big personality despite its very small scale,” Rachel commented.

Constantly Changing Specialized Menu

With the daily menu being dependent on what’s fresh at the Halifax Seaport Market, Little Oak is constantly offering up new delicious meals to be served.

“The small scale of Little Oak allows us to be very flexible and spontaneous with our food and drink menus but our attention to detail and knowledgeable staff allow us to tailor guest experiences in a unique way,” says manager and sommelier, Nicole Raufeisen.

When asked on the crowd favourites, Rachel mentioned one dish that has been on their menu for a while now and seems to be a favourite for their guests is the Gnocchi with Foraged Mushrooms and Basil Pesto. When asked Nicole, which bottle of wine was her favourite that Little Oak offered, “Every bottle on the list has been carefully chosen so it’s hard to pick a favourite, especially with staff that have such varied tastes. At the moment, one of my favourites is the Lapierre Morgon; cru Beaujolais made naturally. It’s delicious on its own but also incredibly food friendly.”

Finding a home in Downtown Halifax

Little Oak opened their doors in Downtown Halifax at 1475 Lower Water Street in Bishop’s Landing in the summer of 2016, optimizing on prime tourist time with a beautiful waterfront patio. “Our patio was very popular this summer. We had great afternoon sunlight, beautiful plants and twinkling lights to make it feel special,” says Nicole.

Rachel described her favourite part of Downtown Halifax to be the great energy and everyone’s open attitude to have a great time and try new things. “As people who love good food and drink, we share the same enthusiasm and want to keep expanding the horizon of what’s possible here.”

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