How Many “Feet on the Street” in Downtown Halifax?

April 13/16
How Many “Feet on the Street” in Downtown Halifax?

Since January 2014, Downtown Halifax Business Commission (DHBC), Spring Garden Area Business Association, and Waterfront Development have been collecting pedestrian count information at 10 locations, through 10 Eco-Counter electronic pedestrian devices. The public Eco-Counter website can be accessed here.

Information on foot traffic is invaluable. We frequently get inquiries from potential new businesses – especially from small, independent ones – wanting to locate Downtown and this is the kind of information they are looking for. Now, we have over two years of data collected.

The Eco-Counter pedestrian counters are placed in areas to capture foot traffic data 24 hours a day including during events, festivals, and specific seasons such as tourist and holidays. The counters work with sensors, not images (for privacy issues), and are approximate counts.

The counters provide general information such as daily, weekly, monthly, or specific time-period counts, as well as averages. This information is especially useful for those that are considering locating a new business in the downtown core or for existing businesses to predict seasonal foot traffic or foot traffic during major events. The counters are also a great tool to help event organizers to plan events and for businesses to plan around major public events.

As development increases in the Downtown core, our business members will be interested to see how this will affect pedestrian traffic patterns. With these 10 pedestrian counters, everyone can see how vibrant our streets are and how much more alive they will be in the coming years.

If more detailed data or comparisons are required over and above what the public website shows, contact or (902) 423-6658.