Gritty to Pretty Grant 2016

May 31/16
Gritty to Pretty Grant 2016

In 2015, Downtown Halifax Business Commission (DHBC) introduced a new program, Gritty to Pretty, to award a limited number of grants for beautification projects located in Downtown Halifax. These projects contributed to DHBC’s strategic beautification goals. DHBC’s Beautification Action Team, comprised of DHBC members, evaluated all capital project opportunities against specific criteria as outlined in the sections within the application form.

The Downtown Halifax district is defined as: the geographic area between the waterside of Brunswick Street to the Halifax Waterfront and from the Cogswell Interchange to the south end of Barrington Street.

To be considered for DHBC funding it is mandatory to submit a completed Gritty to Pretty Beautification Grant application form. You may optionally provide additional documentation with your submission that describes and supports your project and funding request. Check out ideas from around the world for some inspiration!


June 9, 2016: Information & Brainstorming Session – DHBC office, 1546 Barrington Street, Suite 104, June 9, at 5:00 pm
Deadline extended to July 6, 2016: Completed application proposal and supporting materials submission to DHBC by email: or by mail: 1546 Barrington Street, Suite 104 Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3X7
Week of July 8, 2016: DHBC notification to applicant of acceptance or decline
August 15, 2016: Mid-project status report to DHBC
December 16, 2016: Completion of beautification project – including design, permissions, and implementation/installation, and notification to DHBC. Completion can happen before this date.
January 16, 2017: Submission of final report and receipts to DHBC. If your project was completed before December 16, 2016, the deadline for final report and receipts submission is 30 days from project completion.




Linda McConnell's application received a $800 grant in 2015 to repaint the Green Lantern Building doors at 1585 Barrington Street (left: before, right: after).


Neptune Theatre received a $2,070 grant in 2015 to paint their doors at 1593 Argyle Street (left: before, right: after).



Jeremy Banks and Peter Nightingale's application received a $2,125 grant to paint two pianos for the public to enjoy outside. One was located on Barrington Street, across from Grand Parade (left), and the other was located in Cornwallis Park (right) during the summer months of 2015.