Four More Beautification Grant Projects Completed in Downtown Halifax

November 24/17
Four More Beautification Grant Projects Completed in Downtown Halifax

DHBC is pleased announce that four more Gritty to Pretty beautification grant projects are now complete in Downtown Halifax. Gritty to Pretty has two grant streams: Open Grant and Façade Lighting. Out of the 10 accepted Gritty to Pretty applications, which include seven Open Grant projects and three Façade Lighting projects, a total of eight are now finished and situated in Downtown Halifax. The total grant amount awarded was $43,908 with $27,213 going to Open Grant recipients and $16,695 awarded to Façade Lighting recipients. The total investment being made by recipients and DHBC amounts to $70,603.

In March 2017, DHBC launched a call for submissions for the two grant programs. Both programs were developed to award a limited number of grants for beautification projects located in Downtown Halifax. These projects contribute to DHBC’s beautification efforts to make Downtown Halifax welcoming to locals and visitors alike.

The following Façade Lighting Grant projects have recently been completed:

Applicant: MGL Investment Ltd. – $6,720 matching grant
Location: Ferry Boat Lane, 1781 Lower Water Street
Overview: The project installed lighting around the perimeter of the building and dormers with LED strip lighting. The lighting offers a more attractive environment in a very prominent area of the Downtown core. This will make the locally run stores in Ferry Boat Lane more inviting to local patrons as well as tourists.

Applicant: Oakport Limited/A.S. Developments – $4,800 matching grant
Location: 1521 and 1531 Grafton Street
Overview: The two main entrances, three dormers, and eight windows are lit with multi-coloured LED lights. The area was relatively dark and the large brick building was lost in the dark despite its impressive size. This project not only highlights the building, but provides a warm and glowing light to the area for residents and visitors to enjoy either as they walk by or decide to take a moment to stop and view.

The following Open Grant projects have recently been completed:

Applicant: Halifax Distilling Company – $5,500
Location: 1668 Lower Water Street
Overview: The mural depicts rum running boats tied at dockside in the early morning. The wonderfully muted colours complement the characters and the activity in the scene. The whole scene almost comes alive. A unique element of the artwork is how artist, Jake Seibert, used the existing elements on the wall. The apparent story of the mural piques the curiosity of passersby. The lighting complements the mural by keeping life in the mural in the evening hours. 

Applicant: MGL Investment Ltd. – $6,000
Location: Ferry Boat Lane
Overview: The project lit up the trees in front of Ferry Boat Lane, located between the bus lane and Lower Water Street. The illumination provides an eye-catching and more enjoyable environment. The area is a focal point of the Waterfront and Downtown and has the busiest foot traffic in the Downtown core. The Ferry Boat Lane bus stop is a main stopping point for the area.