Downtown Halifax Launches The Downtown Parking Pitch

January 26/17
Downtown Halifax Launches The Downtown Parking Pitch

Downtown Halifax Business Commission has launched The Downtown Parking Pitch to address issues related to parking in Downtown Halifax. Working with Halifax Regional Municipality, Waterfront Development, and other downtown business improvement districts as key partners, The Downtown Parking Pitch outlines a parking plan that includes incremental actions that could substantially improve parking efficiency and, ultimately, the Downtown parking experience.

“The discussion at HRM Council of increasing parking fines, in isolation of real tangible parking improvements, is being seen negatively by businesses,” said Paul MacKinnon, DHBC Executive Director. “What we need is a series of changes to the way parking works Downtown. Many of the Pitch actions are actually fairly easy to implement.”

Suggested actions in The Parking Pitch include: parking survey; mobile parking app; pay-by-plate; integrated pricing between on and off-street parking; limited free, off-street parking; rational enforcement; reinvestment of parking revenues; variable parking signs; and Downtown shuttle.

Some of the Pitch items are underway in the early stages, while others are still in the initial or pitch stages. By launching this action plan, all key partners can work together to: improve the Downtown parking experience; lessen negative public perception; and reinvest Downtown parking revenues back into the area.