Downtown Halifax Dream Date: Just a Tweet Away for Ontario Couple #DanAndAyesha

March 31/15
Downtown Halifax Dream Date: Just a Tweet Away for Ontario Couple #DanAndAyesha

Ontario resident Dan McNeil tweeted to Downtown Halifax restaurant The Bicycle Thief that a photo of a meal they posted was “enough for me to hop on a flight for lunch!” One week later he was sitting at the restaurant with his wife eating the same meal he tweeted about – all expenses paid, courtesy of Downtown Halifax Business Commission (DHBC).

“Originally I had thought it was a joke,” says McNeil in a video of the couple’s wish-come-true visit to Downtown Halifax created by DHBC. “I got a response from Downtown Halifax, they said that they’d pay for a ticket [for Ayesha and I], they’d have a vehicle picking us up at the airport, and hotel arrangements.”

The couple flew in on March 4th and was picked up by Atlantis Limo. They stayed a night on the Crown Floor at the Prince George Hotel and were headed back home the next night. In their day-and-a-half trip they visited Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Alexander Keith’s Brewery, Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design, and rode the ferry. They shopped at Freak Lunch Box and Rousseau Chocolatier (“For the kids,” said Ayesha). They dined at Obladee (where they were welcomed to Halifax by Mayor Mike Savage), Gio, Bearly’s, and of course, The Bicycle Thief. They even had a donair from Mezza after taking in some live music at The Old Triangle.

“After the international attention Downtown Halifax gained from our Date Night campaign last month, we thought this would be a great way to show what a date Downtown can really look like,” says Brenden Sommerhalder, Director of Communications and Marketing for DHBC. “But it isn’t something we had planned. It was inspired by Dan’s tweet, and it turns out we couldn’t have done it for a better couple.”

DHBC was supported in making Dan and Ayesha’s dream date possible by the generosity of the Downtown Halifax businesses the couple visited. A video of their adventure exists because of a generous donation of skills and time by Downtown Halifax-based video production company Egg Studios.