Downtown Halifax Awards Six New Placemaking Grants

October 26/20
Downtown Halifax Awards Six New Placemaking Grants


Downtown Halifax Business Commission (DHBC) is pleased to announce the grant recipients for the fall Gritty to Pretty placemaking grant program. Gritty to Pretty includes three grant streams: Open Grant, Façade Lighting Grant, and Mural Grant. Out of 10 fall Gritty to Pretty applications, six were awarded, which included one Open Grant and five Mural Grants. There were no Façade Lighting Grant applications in this round. The total grant amount awarded was $28,918 with $4,675 awarded to an Open Grant recipient, and $24,243 to the Mural Grant recipients.

"Placemaking continues to be an important investment in Downtown Halifax," said Paul MacKinnon, Chief Executive Officer of DHBC. "Interactive art installations and murals enhance the pedestrian experience and beautify our community. As more people come to Downtown Halifax for work, dining, shopping, and entertainment, it’s crucial for us to maintain a welcoming and safe environment."

In September 2020, DHBC launched a call for submissions for the fall placemaking grant programs. This is the fifth year of the program, which was developed to award grants for placemaking projects located in Downtown Halifax. These projects contribute to DHBC’s placemaking efforts to help Downtown Halifax encourage civic pride, support local economies, improve public health, and welcome locals and visitors alike.

Open Grant fall 2020 recipients:

Recipient: PBJ Design Society – $4,675
Location: Peace and Friendship Park
Overview: “Glowing Hallway” is a contactless interactive light installation that will be installed in Peace and Friendship Park. The zigzag hallway will have archways with motion sensor lights which activate when you walk through, adding light and an engaging art piece to the park.

Mural Grant fall 2020 recipients (in alphabetical order):

Recipient: Alice MacLean – $4,485
Location: Halifax Ferry Terminal
Overview: The mural will bring colour and energy to the Halifax Ferry Terminal building with a layered mural, using long brush strokes, to invoke the feeling of water and the gentle sensation of waves.

Recipient: Drew McSherry – $3,719
Location: 1883 Albemarle Street
Overview: “A Night Out” depicts animals in a comical fashion going out for a night on the town.

Recipient: Onside, Halifax Innovation District, Volta, and building management company Slate) – $6,000
Location: Maritime Centre, Salter Street side
Overview: Onside will issue a Request for Proposals for mural proposals in January 2021 and will select the mural by the end of March 2021.

Recipient: PBJ Design Society – $3,364
Location: MetroPark, 1556 Hollis Street
Overview: “Mirage Anamorphic Mural” is a visual effect created when viewing a design from a specific vantage point to properly see an image that would otherwise be distorted.

Recipient: Trackside Studios (Michael Burt, Daniel Burt, and Justin Fraser) – $5,175
Location: Boat shop and electrical room side walls behind Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Overview: “Nova Scotian Women Surfing” will highlight the women who play a major role in the Nova Scotia surfing sport and culture.