Downtown Halifax Awards Seven Beautification Grants

July 27/16
Downtown Halifax Awards Seven Beautification Grants

DHBC is pleased announce the grant recipients from two beautification grant programs, Gritty to Pretty and Façade Lighting. Out of 16 Gritty to Pretty applications, five were awarded. Two applications were submitted to the Façade Lighting Grant program and both were successful.

In May 2016, DHBC launched a call for submissions for the two grant programs. Both programs were developed to award a limited number of grants for beautification projects located in Downtown Halifax. These projects contribute to DHBC’s beautification efforts to make Downtown Halifax welcoming to locals and visitors alike.

Façade Lighting Grant 2016 recipients (in alphabetical order):

NSCAD University – $10,000 matching grant
Location: Fountain Campus, 5163 Duke Street, bordered by Hollis, Granville and Duke Streets
Overview: Installation of exterior LED accent lighting around the perimeter of the block to accentuate elegant architecture and draw more people to the area at night to experience the pedestrian mall, appreciate the architecture, and better utilize the shops and services.

Ocean Optometry – $4,041.30 matching grant
Location: 5240 Blowers Street
Overview: By adding lighting to the façade, it will highlight the alcove at the front of the building. Blowers Street is popular at night. Enhanced lighting will create a safer area and add interest.

Gritty to Pretty Grant 2016 recipients (in alphabetical order):

Argyle Fine Art – $627
Location: throughout Downtown Halifax
Overview: Inspirational Rain – with the use of “invisible spray,” hidden positive messages and art, which can only be seen on rainy days, will be left throughout Downtown Halifax. A local artist will be commissioned to create stencils and apply the solution to carefully selected sidewalks or asphalt.

NSCAD University – $2,000
Location: Academy Building on the corner of Sackville and Brunswick Streets
Overview: The project supports the beautification of the area around the NSCAD-Academy Campus Building, which is a Heritage Building. NSCAD will paint a mural on the long, plain-looking, gray wall on the Sackville/Market Street side of the building.

#PlayMeHFX – $2,500
Location: Two locations TBA
Overview: The PlayMeHFX Piano Project aims to strengthen ties between community members, increase time spent in the Downtown, and affect pride and ownership of space through the introduction of public pianos.

Jake Seibert – $3,450
Location: 1588 Granville Street
Overview: With the use of sheet goods to cover broken glass (plywood) and reskin awning (aluminum panel material), the project will incorporate the existing architecture to create a nostalgic robot face in bright colours. (Note: project implementation is complete.)

Word on the Street – $1,437.50
Location: Five proposed locations throughout Downtown Halifax
Overview: Free, little libraries will be built and installed with the words “Word on the Street” featured in a tasteful way on attractively designed and coloured little libraries. The libraries will provide beautiful ways to promote literacy, create gathering spots, and a means of fostering a feeling of community and neighbourhood.