Downtown Halifax Awards 11 Beautification Grants

July 18/17
Downtown Halifax Awards 11 Beautification Grants

Downtown Halifax Business Commission (DHBC) is pleased announce the grant recipients for the Gritty to Pretty beautification grant program. Gritty to Pretty has two grant streams: Open Grant and Façade Lighting. Out of 24 Gritty to Pretty applications, 11 were awarded, which included eight Open Grant and three Façade Lighting grants. The total grant amount awarded was $51,993 with $34,473 going to Open Grant recipients and $17,520 awarded to Façade Lighting recipients. The total investment being made by recipients and DHBC amounts to $95,253.

In March 2017, DHBC launched a call for submissions for the two grant programs. Both programs were developed to award a limited number of grants for beautification projects located in Downtown Halifax. These projects contribute to DHBC’s beautification efforts to make Downtown Halifax welcoming to locals and visitors alike.

Façade Lighting Grant 2017 recipients (in alphabetical order):

Applicant: MGL Investment Ltd. – $6,720 matching grant
Location: Ferry Boat Lane, 1781 Lower Water Street
Overview: The project will see lighting installed around the perimeter of the building and dormers with LED strip lighting. The lighting will offer a more attractive environment in a very prominent area of the Downtown core. This will make the locally run stores in Ferry Boat Lane more inviting to local patrons as well as tourists.

Applicant: Oakport Limited/A.S. Developments – $4,800 matching grant
Location: 1521 and 1531 Grafton Street
Overview: The two main entrances, three dormers, and eight windows will be lit with multi-coloured LED lights. The selected windows will be on the top of the two main doors. A white backing will be placed in the windows to the project the most illumination onto the front of the building for maximum effect and public viewing.

Applicant: Sterling Properties – $6,000 matching grant
Location: 1685 Argyle Street
Overview: The building is on one of Downtown’s busiest streets that will see an increase in pedestrian traffic once the Nova Centre is complete. The new lighting will add vibrancy to the Argyle side of the street and will expose and illuminate Halifax’s oldest commercial and residential building for all to enjoy.

Open Grant 2017 recipients (in alphabetical order):

Applicant: Argyle Fine Art – $300
Location: Trash can on the corner of Barrington Street and Blowers Street
Overview: “Barrington Bouquet” will take over one city garbage can for one week with cut flowers and shrubs arranged by floral and Ikebana award-winning artist, Miyako Ballesteros. The display will use the principles of the centuries-old art of Japanese flower arranging, Ikebana, to create beauty for a limited time.

Applicant: Argyle Fine Art – $1,885
Location: Throughout Downtown Halifax
Overview: Inspirational Rain will use “invisible spray” to paint hidden positive messages and art, which can only be seen on rainy days throughout Downtown Halifax. A local artist will be commissioned to create stencils and apply the solution to carefully selected sidewalks or asphalt.

Applicant: Halifax Distilling Company – $5,500
Location: 1668 Lower Water Street
Overview: Local artist, Jake Siebert, will paint a mural on the wall facing Lower Water Street. The mural will reflect a Maritime theme and the history of rum-running boats and operations.

Applicant: MGL Investment Ltd. – $6,000
Location: Ferry Boat Lane
Overview: The project will light the trees in front of Ferry Boat Lane, located between the bus lane and Lower Water Street. Illumination will provide an eye-catching and more enjoyable environment. The area is a focal point of the Waterfront and Downtown and has the busiest foot traffic in the Downtown core. The Ferry Boat Lane bus stop is a main stopping point for the area.

Applicant: Nickel Media Inc. - $10,000
Location: 1567 Argyle Street
Overview: A mural will be painted on the Argyle Street and Blowers Street sides of the building. It will feature a technology theme but it will also represent the history of the district as a center for music and nightlife. The finished mural will also complement the new Argyle and Grafton Streetscape design.

Applicant: PBJ Design Society – $1,500
Location: 1583 Granville Street/1568 Hollis Street
Overview: Development sites usually include barriers, construction mitigation, and unsightly fences. The “Chainlink” project will transform unsightly chain-link fences into art by encouraging and enabling local artists to decorate a section into representations of their choosing, using non-traditional mediums. This art can transform a chain-link fence into a unique canvas to celebrate and decorate Downtown Halifax.

Applicant: PBJ Design Society – $4,788
Location: Corner of Barrington Street and Spring Garden Road
Overview: “Aliant Winds” is designed to improve the pedestrian and driver experience at the intersection of Spring Garden Road and Barrington Street by installing a metal, wind-art sculpture in the gardens of the Bell Aliant Building. By providing movable art at windy intersection, the sculpture can transform people’s interpretation of the wind from personal disturbance to public asset.

Applicant: PBJ Design Society – $2,500
Location: Three locations TBA
Overview: The #PlayMeHFX Piano Project aims to strengthen ties between community members, increase time spent in the Downtown, and affect pride and ownership of space through the introduction of public pianos.