Downtown Halifax Adds Wheelchair-Accessible Picnic Tables

June 23/16
Downtown Halifax Adds Wheelchair-Accessible Picnic Tables

DHBC has added three new, brightly painted, wheelchair-accessible picnic tables at Purdy’s Wharf, the Halifax Waterfront, and across from Cabin Coffee at the corner of Salter Street and Hollis Street.

“We had noticed that HRM provided several accessible picnic tables in Grand Parade and thought it was a great idea and the right thing to do,” said Paul MacKinnon, DHBC Executive Director. “Everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors sitting at our picnic tables throughout downtown.”

Two of the picnic tables located at the corner of Salter and Hollis Streets also have umbrellas to provide some shade to those enjoying the seating. The picnic tables and umbrellas will stay out throughout the summer until mid-to-late October.

About DHBC’s Picnic Table Program:

In 2013, DHBC placed 10 brightly painted picnic tables in Grand Parade as part of its beautification efforts. That spring, volunteers painted the tables during DHBC’s Clean Sweep event, a community clean-up of the Downtown business district. At the time, the plan was to move the tables to different locations in Downtown every two weeks. The tables were so popular that HRM requested that they remain in Grand Parade. Subsequently, DHBC purchased 10 more tables that summer to be placed elsewhere in Downtown. HRM has since taken over the program in Grand Parade but DHBC’s picnic table program has expanded to 31 tables in total (including the three, new accessible ones), in seven locations.