The Cabot Building on Barrington Street Gets a New Lighting Façade

September 28/18
The Cabot Building on Barrington Street Gets a New Lighting Façade

Aegis Developments Inc. is pleased to announce the completion of a project in partnership with Downtown Halifax Business Commission’s (DHBC) Façade Lighting grant through the Gritty to Pretty program. LED lighting was recently installed on the Cabot Building, located at 1725-1727 Barrington Street. The Cabot Building is a registered heritage building, built in 1890 and is located at 1725 Barrington Street. The Cabot Building is home to How Bazaar, Hands on Barrington Massage Therapy, Adesso Project Management Inc. and Aegis Developments Inc.

“We are extremely pleased to showcase this historic building,” said John Gardin of Aegis Developments Inc. “The addition of the lighting will not only enhance the property but will also contribute to business growth and development in the Downtown core.”

The new lighting aims at enhancing the beautiful architecture of the Cabot Building and accentuating the original heritage sandstone exterior with the addition of adding vibrancy to the busy streets of Downtown Halifax. The new illumination will allow for pedestrians, tourists, and Halifax locals to take in the heritage features and enjoy the overall urban experience of all Halifax’s beauty.

Aegis Developments would like to take the opportunity to thank Downtown Halifax Business Commission for its contribution through their 2018 Gritty to Pretty grant program and is excited for more partnerships with the Commission as we continue to develop and grow.

DHBC developed the Façade Lighting Grant, as part of the Gritty to Pretty program, to award a limited number of grants specifically for exterior façade lighting projects located in Downtown Halifax. This funding grant aims to improve the architectural street-wall lighting of buildings on main commercial streets in the Downtown business district.

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