Municipal Programs, Services, and Updates


HRM Tax Deferral

Regional Council has voted to provide immediate relief to both residential and business customers. These efforts include:

  • The deferral of the interim tax bill due date from April 30, 2020 to June 1, 2020;
  • The suspension of Non-Sufficient Fund fees; and
  • The reduction of the interest rate charged on arrears from 15% per annum to 10% per annum.

With these changes, it is critical that those who can pay their taxes continue do so in a timely fashion. Tax revenue makes up 82% of the municipality’s revenue. Operating expenses total approximately $100 million per month and, while the municipality is financially sound, a significant amount of cashflow is required to provide services, pay vendors and suppliers and continue with capital projects that support the economy.

For more information, including information for residents on a Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP), visit

Halifax Partnership SmartBusiness Program: ShopHERE Powered by Google

The ShopHERE powered by Google program offers small, registered businesses the opportunity to build a digital presence. Get matched with an experienced ShopHERE eCommerce Coordinator who will build or improve your online website at no cost. Get the opportunity to work one-on one with an eCommerce Coordinator to build a transactional eCommerce website on either the Shopify or Square platforms. Learn more about the program and apply here.

Halifax Partnership SmartBusiness Program: Access Local

The Access Local program will boost marketing and sales support for small businesses in Halifax through vLife’s online marketplace. This program is designed to connect small businesses to the consumers who are looking to purchase goods and services from local businesses. With a one-year membership to vLife, you can promote your business and drive people to your website or social channels. You’ll be connected with a mentor who will help you set up your vStore and guide you through the process to launch. Plus, once your vStore is up and running you’ll get ongoing support and promotions from vLife. You can find the eligibility criteria and apply for the program here.

Halifax Partnership SmartBusiness Program: Virtual Advisor

The Virtual Advisor Program gives businesses one-on-one support from an experienced business adviser. Our free Virtual Adviser Program powered by matches businesses with a seasoned professional to help them solve a unique challenge their business is facing during this difficult time. The program has helped businesses stay focused, set clear priorities, gain new perspectives, new connections and more. Learn more and find the application form here.