Municipal Programs, Services, and Updates


Free 15-minute parking to facilitate curbside pickups and delivery

Beginning Wednesday, December 2, the Halifax Regional Municipality will be providing 15-minutes of free parking at paid parking locations for the month of December. The purpose is to facilitate short-term pick-ups and loading while providing more flexibility for business owners and customers. This option is available through both the HotSpot app as well as the on-street pay stations. Residents can input the amount of time they will be parked in a parking zone, and the first 15-minutes will be automatically free. This work is being done in a continued effort to support businesses during COVID-19 restrictions. For more information, visit

HRM Tax Deferral

Regional Council has voted to provide immediate relief to both residential and business customers. These efforts include:

  • The deferral of the interim tax bill due date from April 30, 2020 to June 1, 2020;
  • The suspension of Non-Sufficient Fund fees; and
  • The reduction of the interest rate charged on arrears from 15% per annum to 10% per annum.

With these changes, it is critical that those who can pay their taxes continue do so in a timely fashion. Tax revenue makes up 82% of the municipality’s revenue. Operating expenses total approximately $100 million per month and, while the municipality is financially sound, a significant amount of cashflow is required to provide services, pay vendors and suppliers and continue with capital projects that support the economy.

For more information, including information for residents on a Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP), visit