DHBC Strategic Plan 2019-2022: Downtown Mobility

DHBC will advocate for an easily accessible, pedestrian-friendly Downtown Halifax that permits ready access to Downtown businesses.

Achieve improved on-street parking availability.

  1. Establish position, with regards to how to achieve more coordinated public lands sale and development
  2. Communications strategy

Increase public transit ridership into and throughout the Downtown core.

  1. Participate in the Leading with Transit advocacy group

Expand alternative mobility options within Downtown.

  1. Research and advocate for best practices, regarding multi-modal transportation (e.g., scooters, Uber/Lyft, Segways, etc.)
  2. Advocate for maintaining the enhanced ferry schedule with Downtown Dartmouth and Halifax Transit

Increase pedestrian traffic.

  1. Pedestrian counters
  2. Work with HRM on installation of “Rainbow Art” crosswalk
  3. Downtown advocate for extended Argyle Street light canopy

Reduce truck traffic in Downtown core.

  1. Advocate for alternate solutions for Halifax Port-related truck traffic and other truck traffic (HRM, Port of Halifax, CN, etc.)