DHBC Strategic Plan 2019-2022: Member Services

DHBC will build relationships with members, be a resource for problem-solving, and advocate for common issues.

Be the voice of the members in issues related to Downtown.

  1. Direct involvement and participation in HRM plans, working with identified partners (Our HRM Alliance, Halifax Partnership, Develop Nova Scotia, It’s More Than Buses, Planning & Development Centre, BIDs, Cogswell Coalition, Heritage Trust Nova Scotia)
  2. Cogswell Interchange
  3. Downtown bike lane network
  4. Community Energy and Climate Action Plan
  5. HRM Centre Plan
  6. HRM by Design (five-year review)
  7. Advocate for activation of Downtown shuttle policy in HRM by Design
  8. Barrington South Heritage Conservation District
  9. Historic Properties Heritage Conservation District
  10. Advocate for Downtown and Main Streets focused commercial tax reform (with other BIDs and business groups)
  11. Participate in red tape reduction committee (through Halifax area BIDs)
  12. Continue relationship-building and advocacy with Federal Members of Parliament and Big Cities Mayors Caucus

Create opportunities for members to collaborate on and give input into existing and emerging issues.

  1. Membership survey
  2. Member Advisory Council
  3. Advocacy tab on the DHBC website
  4. Membership meetings and events (networking socials, AGM, new development meetings, e.g. Cogswell, Queen’s Marque)
  5. Visit members at least twice a week
  6. Summer and Christmas member parties
  7. Partnerships
  8. Partnership programming – funding for like-minded organizations on projects that advance DHBC’s advocacy objectives

Increase opportunities for professional development.

  1. Professional development sessions (e.g. Lunch & Learns, First Aid training, Navigator Outreach)
  2. eBay Retail Revival (support, promotion)
  3. Strengthen relations with ACOA (with DAC)

Enhance awareness and promotion of member benefits through increased information and knowledge sharing.

  1. Visit every new business with a welcome package and Neighbourhood Captain
  2. Member inquiries
  3. Membership communications (e.g. bulletins, notices, bi-weekly Downtown Members Update, Annual Report, new members page on the DHBC website)
  4. Neighbourhood member events inside or around a Downtown building (e.g. Purdy’s Wharf, 1801 Hollis, TD building)
  5. DHBC storefront activation (e.g. seasonal, partner events, displays, SOCAN, Spotify)
  6. Leverage Neighbourhood Captains to celebrate/welcome new members
  7. Maintain DHBC database to include as many members as possible
  8. Train new and current members on using the DHBC website
  9. Distribute Member Handbook to all members
  10. “100 Things to Do” in Downtown Halifax brochure
  11. Curbside Waste Management program