Preparing for the “New Normal” Webinar Recording

June 16/20
Preparing for the “New Normal” Webinar Recording

Free DHBC Members Webinar: Preparing for the “New Normal” presented by Risk Marcker Inc.

Hosted by Downtown Halifax Business Commission

On June 12, 2020, DHBC hosted a free members webinar. Here are the links to the presentation:

Full Presentation

Audio Only

Marc-Andre Lavoie is the leader and founder of Risk Marcker Incorporated, an industrial hygiene consulting firm based in Dartmouth, NS. In the case of COVID-19, industrial hygienists support writing guidelines regarding adequate controls, including respiratory protection, physical distancing, and tracing. They also support the implementation of these guidelines. Marc will help you understand what conditions need to be in place to reduce spread of COVID-19, give you examples of innovative ways you can address the challenge in your workplace, leave you with a better understanding of how COVID-19 can spread and be better prepared to act on prevention measures. 

Marc-Andre Lavoie, Leader/Founder of Risk Marcker Inc., is a field educator, operator and conference speaker with a lifetime of Industrial Hygiene and workplace safety experience. He earned a UQAM master’s degree in electrochemistry and holds a Canadian Board of Occupational Hygiene certification.