Listen to Tamika Butler's Carmichael Lecture

March 28/18
Listen to Tamika Butler's Carmichael Lecture

Tamika Butler, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust, spoke at the 16th Annual Carmichael Lecture taking place on March 1, 2018. The lecture is presented by DHBC in partnership with the Dalhousie University School of Planning’s conference, SHIFT: Streets.

“We were so pleased to have Tamika share her insights with us,” said Paul MacKinnon, Executive Director of DHBC. “Halifax, in many ways, is growing up fast as a city. We’ve been having community conversations recently that we’ve not really had before – about using streets in a different way, about inclusion, about how to plan better for diversity. These are all topics that Tamika is well versed in.”

About Tamika Butler:

Tamika L. Butler serves as the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust, a non-profit organization that addresses social and racial equity, and wellness, by building parks and gardens in park-poor communities across Greater Los Angeles. She has a diverse background in law, community organizing and non-profit leadership. Recently, she was the Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC). Prior to leading LACBC, Tamika was the Director of Social Change Strategies at Liberty Hill Foundation, and worked at Young Invincibles as the California Director.

About The Carmichael Lecture:

The Carmichael Lecture was created to honour Downtown Halifax Business Commission’s former Executive Director, Kate Carmichael, and her passion for urban revitalization. Invited lecturers speak on topics designed to inform and educate on key issues that create a thriving downtown. DHBC represents over 1,600 businesses located in the central business district of Halifax, Nova Scotia. DHBC strives to make Downtown Halifax a better place to live, work, and play by: improving business conditions; promoting economic development; supporting members’ common business interests; and fostering a positive image of the Downtown area.

To listen to Tamika Butler's full Carmichael Lecture click below. Questions and Answers start at 1:02.