DHBC Strategic Plan 2019-2022: Good Development

DHBC will encourage development that positively impacts Downtown vibrancy and prosperity.

Promote creation of a strategic development framework for Downtown.

  1. Establish position, with regards to how to achieve more coordinated public lands sale/development
  2. Communications strategy

Influence and inform design guidelines for private and large-scale infrastructure development (e.g. Cogswell District, HRM by Design).

  1. Lead Cogswell Coalition

Advocate for change in the construction mitigation by-law to mandate that BIDs have input into mitigation plans.

  1. Advocate for by-law change, requiring BID involvement in, and public disclosure of, construction mitigation plans (with other BIDs)

Ensure effective communications to member and Downtown visitors, related to large development projects.

  1. Distribute communication material to members through the Downtown Crew (seasonal)
  2. Communications strategies for developments
  3. Podcast
  4. Cogswell District communications plan with HRM Public Affairs
  5. Create, facilitate, and/or promote communications plans for large-scale development projects (e.g. Cogswell District, Halifax Port expansion, Ralston building, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, etc.)