Featured Member: Podstarter

It all started with an idea between two friends. Rhys Waters and Jonathan Burns wanted to help create a healthy podcast scene in Halifax. Podcasting was exploding across Europe and the US, but Canada seemed a little behind. And Halifax seemed ripe to embrace it.

They took a walk along the Halifax Waterfront to discuss it. One month after that meeting, they launched Podstarter, a podcasting company that focuses on the production, design, and distribution of podcasts for individuals, brands, and companies.


During the onset of the global pandemic, people were stuck in their homes running out of Netflix shows to binge. Many turned to podcasts. Podcasting has been thriving during COVID-19, both for listeners and for podcast content creators. The remote ease and simplicity in set-up of podcasting had home studios popping up all over the world during quarantine. Podstarter works with podcasters, even virtually, to help them set up their podcast for success on various podcast platforms.


From their work with numerous clients, Podstarter found that the most important thing about creating podcasts is to, “Talk about what you know and have a passion for it,” said Jonathan. “If you’re missing either ingredient, you’ll struggle to find an audience or fail to keep going.”

The team at Podstarter helps with the podcast development phase and the various stages of production. According to the Podstarter team, to launch a successful podcast, you need to focus on three things: audience, story, and motivation. Anyone can grab a microphone and start sharing a story. The problem Rhys and Jonathan found was that there aren’t a lot of resources to help people tell really good stories. Rhys and Jonathan started Podstarter to train individuals, companies, organizations, and brands to actually tell their stories better on a podcasting platform.


According to Jonathan, there is not one right city to work in. Podstarter has clients in New York, Toronto, and London. And none of them were concerned that they don’t live in their city.

“Once you realize that work is no longer bound by your location,” said Jonathan. “It opens up all the possibilities of choosing where you want to live. Once you exclude needing to be in those larger cities to find and work with clients, then you can then sit back and say, ‘What do I need from a lifestyle standpoint?’”

Rhys agreed, “The reality is there’s a work life balance, but that doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing opportunity by being in a smaller place. Especially with podcasts. Halifax is community-focused and an incredible place to raise children. At the same time, it's not sleepy. There are some really exciting things happening and so much potential in the future for our business and other businesses.”

Interested in starting a podcast or taking an existing podcast to the next level? Contact Podstarter’s Jonathan and Rhys at info@podstarter.io or (902) 452-9009 and check out their website at podstarter.io.