Featured Member: Lumi Studios Media + Production

Lumi Studios Media and Production, located on Barrington Street, opened its doors in 2017. Lumi Studios is a place that uses photography and video to connect people and tell stories. They work to support and connect the community around them. They continue to grow right in the heart of Downtown Halifax.

Lumi Studios started when founder and CEO, Joyce Liu, saw the need in helping businesses share their stories. Lumi Studios strives to create content to help businesses reach their demographic and provide an understanding of what that business has to offer.  

A Diverse Team

Lumi Studios is built up of a diverse and youthful team of seven people. Their team is made up of international students and immigrants. They collectively speak three different languages: Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Arabic, and English. They all come from very different and diverse backgrounds, which helps them be successful in creating content that resonates with different audiences.

One-Stop Shop for Video, Photography, and Design

Lumi Studios has so much to offer. They offer videography, photography, design, and printing services.

Lumi Studios developed and created photography and video packages for small businesses despite the pandemic. Joyce said, “The goal is to help companies and organizations design content to use for their social media, develop e-commerce, and attract customers.” Lumi Studios has worked hard to create support for businesses during this time and create content that represents local businesses.

Lumi’s Ability to Adapt During COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and changing restrictions, Lumi Studios has been able to adapt and stay safe while working. Lumi Studios is a collaborative work environment that needed to find a new flow when it came to working remotely. They have been able to continue photo and video shoots by appointment-only when restrictions allowed.

The use of technology became crucial during the pandemic. Luckily for Lumi Studios, their skills and knowledge in technology has benefited them in continuing operations.

Why Downtown Halifax?

Lumi Studios is located Downtown because of the options it provides. “We have such a vibrant Downtown scene. We never get tired of the public art that pops up and surprise us, and we have amazing neighbouring businesses all within walking distance. All these features are what we value in our daily life and are a part of our inspiration for new projects,” said Joyce.

To book an appointment for Lumi Studios Media and Production, call (902) 999-1967, visit their website lumistudios.ca, or follow them on Instagram @lumistudioshfx.