Featured Member: Audrey Too

Indoor plants have been a booming new hobby for most Nova Scotians when the pandemic kept everyone home for months. Audrey Too, a little plant shop at Bishop’s Landing was the answer for many Haligonians looking for ways to liven up their living spaces as they pass the time while caring for new houseplants.

Audrey Too, owned by Audrey Flanders, is a boutique plant shop that focuses on indoor plants and accessories. They opened their Downtown Halifax location in September 2019.


When you walk into Audrey Too you feel like you have escaped to a magical tropical oasis. They have a large variety of plant choices – from the more common plants to an ever-changing display of rare and unusual plants. Customers will find the perfect one to bring home with them.

“We have a passion for our field and the experience to back it up,” said Audrey. “With the staff's collective 30-year background in horticulture, our employees are comfortable answering all sorts of plant questions.” Every day, they help diagnose plant problems, transplant plants, teach plant-care, and are also able to answer questions on outdoor gardening.”



One handy tip if you’re a new plant parent planning on stopping in at Audrey Too: decide if you’re looking for a shrub, vine, or tree.

Knowing where your plant is going to be in your living space is also essential in choosing a plant. “The location of the plant will help when choosing a plant,” said Audrey. “All plants have evolved to tolerate certain conditions, so picking the right plant for your environment is crucial.” The location determines the amount of natural light and room for growth of the plant.

Audrey Too offers tips and professional guidance based on which plant the customer chooses and always teaches the proper care for maximum success.



COVID-19 was a challenge for many businesses Downtown Halifax and adapting to the challenges was exactly what Audrey Too had to do. They opened an online store that provided curbside pick-up and delivery. They also had a live “plant-care hour” once a week on Instagram. They were able to answer a whole host of plant questions every week through their social and online platforms.

Both Audrey and Lee Chapman, who work at the store, are fairly new to the province. Even through the pandemic, they found new ways to interact with their customers online and in person, which made them feel more at home in Nova Scotia.

The care the staff gives and the variety of plants Audrey Too offers will keep customers coming back to make their own living spaces a tropical oasis, just like the store.          

For more on Audrey Too see their website here.