Wines of France Course at Obladee

Wines of France Course at Obladee
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We are excited to offer our second Wines of France Course at Obladee. This is a 6-week, in-depth course designed for the beginner wine-enthusiast looking to develop their knowledge and understanding of French wine. There is no pre-requisite for this course.

Class will be held each Tuesday evening from 6-8:30 beginning November 5, 2019 and ending December 10, 2019.

The course is developed and led by Heather Rankin (co-owner, Sommelier) and Erin Beazley (Sommelier) and will cover wine sensory and theory fundamentals including winemaking basics, tasting techniques, core grape varieties, classification systems, regional breakdowns, help with labels, buying tips, and more!

In addition to lecture, you will be tasting 24 select wines each with custom food pairings designed and prepared with this course in mind. As well, a comprehensive course manual will be provided for you to keep.

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A general outline is detailed below:

Class 1: France: An Overview, Champagne & Other Sparkling Wines
- Overview of France
- History of French Sparkling Wine
- Sparkling Winemaking Methods
- Champagne In-Depth: Grapes, terroir, regulations, “grower” champagne
- Sparkling Tasting with Food Pairings

Class 2: Alsace & The Loire Valley
- Regional History of Alsace and The Loire Valley
- Major Grapes & Styles
- Defining Terroir
- Classifications and Regulations
- Alsace and Loire Tasting with Food Pairings

Class 3: Burgundy & Beaujolais
- History & The Establishment of Terroir
- Traditional Grapes & Styles
- Classification Systems
- The Villages of Burgundy, The Crus of Beaujolais
- Winemaking
- Regional Regulations
- The Natural Wine Contingent
- Burgundian & Beaujolais Tasting with Food Pairings

Class 4: Bordeaux & The Rhone
- History
- Major Grapes and Terroir
- Winemaking, Blending
- Leading Appellations, The Importance of Chateau
- Classification System and Regulations
- Regional Breakdown
- Bordeaux & Rhone Tasting with Food Pairings

Class 5: Jura, The Savoie, Corsica and Provence
- History, Natural Wine
- Climate, Geography
- Grapes and Styles
- Vin Jaune (Jura)
- Regional Regulations
- Regional Wine Tasting with Food Pairings

Class 6: Languedoc-Roussillon, The SouthWest, Armagnac & Cognac
- History and Resurgence
- Terroir
- Important Appellations and Dominant Grapes
- Regional Regulations
- Other Wines: Vins Doux Naturels, Banyuls
- Regional Wine Tasting with Food Pairings

Event Date: 05/11/19 to 10/12/19
Event Time: 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Event Location: Obladee Wine Bar 1600 Barrington St Halifax Nova Scotia Canada