Freak Lunchbox was founded in 2001 in historic downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. Freak is a family owned business inspired by circus sideshows, roadside attractions and of course candy! For over a decade, we have been embraced and loved by both locals and visitors alike. Freak Lunchbox has been featured in local and national media, and has garnered a celebrity clientele including such A-listers as Tom Selleck, Lucy Liu, Gabriel Byrne, Candice Bergan, Julianne Moore, Pierce Brosnan, John Stamos, Ethan Hawke and Sandra Oh. Repeat customer, actor Rob Lowe was overheard yelling "This Store is The Bomb!!!!" and we recently had a visit from the original Willy Wonka himself, Mr. Gene Wilder! Candy, candy, candy and more candy! Freak Lunchbox searches the world to find the weirdest, newest and hippest candy and pop culture items on the market. We also whip up custom, thick, amazing milkshakes on our old-school mixers! We have a passion for classic hand-painted signage and create all of our own with a team of artists in the Freak Lunchbox studio in Halifax. Freak Lunchbox is a labour of sweet, sweet love and we hope you can feel it when you visit.

Hours of Operation

Please check our website for hours business and holiday hours.

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