The idea for The Acre started on a rooftop in Brooklyn, New York, where a group of artists, writers, thinkers and designers realized that – working together – we could contribute more significantly than any one of us working alone. Conceived as a fresh and flexible way to tackle projects and ideas, this collective brings together the right team for the right project. From their inspiration in New York to their roots in Canada, Acre Architects’ founding partners, Stephen Kopp and Monica Adair, now call Saint John, New Brunswick their home – a transitioning, architecturally-fascinating Atlantic Canada city from where they can grow their business both domestically and internationally.

The Acre builds its practice of Storied Architecture centred on the importance of inspiring peoples’ stories, developing our own identities, and encouraging our clients to believe they can live better. Through exploring the power of the stories associated with heritage and a sense of place, our built environments grow to convey strong and deep-felt emotions that are key to the structure that form our lives.

Acre Architects have been involved in projects that emphasize craftsmanship, functionality, local tradition, and artistic expression. As we shape our cultural heritage, it is vital that we do so with purpose, for ultimately – we are what we create.

Hours of Operation

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