DHBC Strategic Plan 2019-2022: DHBC Leadership

DHBC will be the recognized expert resource and voice of Downtown Halifax – the leader, facilitator, and convener of strategic discourse and communications.

Enhance DHBC’s profile through increased media attention, more speaking engagements, and strategic facilitation and communications.

  1. Active participation in Art of City Building conference/The Carmichael Lecture (with Develop Nova Scotia, RAD Consulting, National PR, new partners)
  2. Launch and execute year one of 2019-2022 Strategic Plan
  3. Co-lead IDA Canada Policy Summit II
  4. Host Federal Election Candidate Forum (Halifax)

Be the expert on all things Downtown through the collection, dissemination, and application of data, research, and knowledge translation.

  1. Promote new “Downtown Declaration” in advance of 2019 federal election
  2. Work with Nova Scotia Department of Municipal Affairs, Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities to create long-term relationship with Nova Scotia BIDs
  3. Help facilitate creation of new BIDs
  4. Investigate BID boundary expansion(s)
  5. DHBC to work with HRM and Halifax Partnership to secure research to input into State of Canada’s Downtowns toolkit
  6. Participation in IDA Canada Leadership Group (2019-2021)
  7. Accumulation and exchange of best practices through research, conferences, memberships (IDA, IDA Canada, Downtowns Atlantic Canada, etc.)
  8. Meltwater Media monitoring (issues and programming)
  9. Ongoing website updates
  10. Create new profile-enhancing programs (i.e., podcast)
  11. Ongoing Information sessions/forums as needed

Strengthen and improve the DHBC brand and execute marketing programs that align with and support it.

  1. Brand Update (revisit and refresh brand, e.g. still photography)
  2. Social media strategy
  3. Brand campaign (e.g. general advertising, Google Adwords)
  4. Seasonal campaigns
  5. Summer (e.g. Patio Campaign, Downtown Halifax Picnic)
  6. Holiday (e.g. The Halifax Lights Festival)
  7. Winter (e.g. Valentine’s Day, March Break)
  8. Marketing collateral and assets (could include signage, new branded tent, Park Smart brochure)
  9. Delegates Welcome Program
  10. Promote Downtown goals to other organizations

Maintain the Street Navigator Outreach Program and increase its member awareness.

  1. Navigator Street Outreach Program – maintain current service level
  2. Seek financial support for Navigator Street Outreach Program