Conferences & Conventions: Delegates Welcome Program

Downtown Halifax Business Commission, Halifax Convention Centre, Discover Halifax and Halifax Stanfield International Airport have joined together to form the Delegates Welcome Program. The goal of this program is to communicate upcoming conferences and events to businesses and members, so together we can give conference delegates and event participants a consistent and memorable welcome experience.

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Upcoming Conferences & Events:
(highlighted events will recieve custom graphics that include posters, social media and web):

  • March 2: 2020 Food Automation Meeting (Local, 100 attendees)
  • March 3-4: 1st Annual Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture Minister's Conference (Provincial, 300 delegates)
  • March 6: Bankd of Montreal's A Different Stage of Mind 2020 (Loca, 500 attendees)
  • March 11-12: 2020 ABSDA Building Supply Expo (National, 700 delegates)
  • March 17-18: Stap0les Supplier Spring Show 2020 (National, 300 attendees)
  • March 19: 2020 Enactus Regional Expo (Regional, 350 delegates)
  • March 20-23: National Black Canadians Summit 2020 (National, 600 delegates)
  • March 20: 38th Annual Workplace Health & Safety Conference (National, 600 delegates)

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Other ways to get involved in the Delegates Welcome Program:


The Show Your Badge program has been rebranded and relaunched by Discover Halifax. The program is a delegate appreciation program where participating businesses provide special offers to visiting conference delegates. Delegates simply ‘show their badge’ to participating local businesses to receive their offer. For more information, click here or email Amber Thomas-Johnson.