Argyle and Grafton Streetscape

The Argyle and Grafton shared streetscape project aims to advance the development of the urban core as a premier destination for residents, businesses, and tourists. It will strengthen the connections between major destinations through this flourishing entertainment district and it will reinforce the image of Halifax as a dynamic place to live, work, and play.

By transforming sections of Argyle and Grafton Streets into a unique district the project will contribute to a more people-focused, vibrant downtown. The project includes a completely new streetscape design for Argyle Street between Blowers and Prince and for Grafton Street between Prince and Carmichael. The new streetscape will feature the removal of barrier curbs, and the addition of high quality finishes and features that reinforce the street’s function as regional entertainment district. The project also includes sidewalk enhancements on Prince and Carmichael Streets between Argyle and Grafton.

Helpful links for information and for sharing:
Official project page

Official social media hashtag: #argylegrafton.