HotSpot Parking App

The HotSpot Parking App is available in Downtown Halifax for all on-street pakring and in the Waterfront pay-and-display parking lots.

The HotSpot Parking App offers users a mobile parking app at a monthly or annual fee for the convenience of paying for your parking on your mobile device.  

HotSpot gives drivers more convenience when parking by:

  • Notifying users when their meter is close to expiring
  • Giving users the option to add more time up to the maximum for the space
  • Giving users the option to cancel their session early and be refunded for any unused time 

HotSpot works with the new Pay Stations in Downtown Halifax. Download the app to your phone. You will need your license plate and Zone letter or parking lot number to initiate a parking session.

More information on the new on-street parking system here

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Additional information to remember:

  • On-street parking has a maximum time limit of 4 hours. 
  • If you receive a parking ticket, paper tickets will still be issued, not through the mobile app
  • You do not have to use the mobile app in order to pay, standard methods of payment for parking remain unchanged
  • On-street parking is in operation Monday through Friday, between 8 am and 6 pm. On-street parking is free on weekends, holidays and after designated time restrictions listed on the pay station. HotSpot will not process payment during these times.

The HotSpot Parking App has a $2 monthly fee or $20 annual fee (+HST). To access mobile payment for parking, users must download the HotSpot app which is available on the App Store, Google Play or Blackberry World. 

Download the HotSpot Parking app today! 


For more information about the HotSpot Parking App click here